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08:54 pm: Yosh!
All right, so today I did some training instead of sleeping on Lee's couch. The morning was hard, because my mind wasn't in it. That truly shows from all the nicks I got.

Kankurou was walking around Konoha went I got away from the training grounds to eat lunch. Apparently he was looking for Kiba before leaving on a mission for capturing parrots? Ah, well.

We ate lunch together and he left as I went back to the training grounds.

I have a thought: instead of the moping I've been doing around, I might as well make work of what I've got.

Expect me to make Anbu sometime soon. I don't have anything else to look forward to at the moment anyways. *nods*

Current Mood: awakeawake


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Date:June 30th, 2006 03:06 pm (UTC)
*spazzes* YOU FOUND KANKUROU!? I've been looking for him AAAAALLL over Konoha! He never told me he was going on a mission... ;__; I never got a chance to say goodbye. To capture parrots? For what puspose? Ahaha, that guy cracks me up.

Wish I knew he was looking for me. I was probably napping... lazy bum I can be. ;_____;</strike
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